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Absolut Elyx, The world's first true luxury vodka

WELCOME TO THE HOME OF The world's first true luxury vodka



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The pineapple has long been an international symbol of hospitality. For centuries it has been that rare treat shared by nobility at their most luxurious banquets to demonstrate that no expense had been spared.

Meet the Elyx Pineapple of Hospitality — our modern interpretation of this most symbolic fruit. Best enjoyed with Absolut Elyx, it serves as the perfect reminder that even the most seriously delicious vodka shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

“Enjoy a delicious Absolut Elyx cocktail from our beautiful copper pineapple”

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We partnered with Water For People on a five-year mission to bring safe water to 100,000 people, for generations to come.

Acting with integrity

It’s simply not enough to be made with integrity; we must act with integrity as well.
So instead of spending millions of dollars to shoot a commercial for our philanthropic partnership, we called upon Fred Armisen and his friends
to donate a little time for the cause.

Vodka, meet water

For every bottle of Elyx sold, we will provide one week’s supply (140 liters) of safe water to someone who needs it most. And for every Elyx Pineapple of Hospitality sold, we’ll provide one month’s supply (560 liters) of safe water.

Give water. Buy Elyx.

How we're doing

With your help, we've already provided

And by working with Water For People, you can be sure we’ll help even more.

= 1 week of safe water
= 1 month of safe water
Give water. Shop Elyx.


Made with real integrity

From seed to bottle, every drop of Elyx is 100% traceable to within a 15-mile radius of a tranquil place called Åhus, Sweden. Handcrafting gives it real quality and character for a consistently luscious liquid silk mouthfeel.

Krister reveals some of our secrets

Single Estate

True heritage goes into every drop of Elyx. We use winter wheat grown exclusively on the Råbelöf Estate — a family-owned farm that has produced golden perfection since the 1400s.

Copper Distilled

We manually distill Elyx in a vintage 1921 copper column still affectionately named Column 51. Sacrificial copper offers its elemental life to each batch, naturally catalyzing trace compounds in the spirit, purifying Elyx and adding
to its rich silky smooth finish.

Masterfully handcrafted

There are no computers here, only human intuition. So every handle, knob and lever must be adjusted by hand to produce a flawless batch of Elyx the first time, every time.

Committed to sustainability

When you source everything from a 15-mile radius, you tend to look after your backyard.

  • Land

    Waste stillage from our distillery is used to feed over 7,000 animals on the Råbelöf Estate, whose waste in turn provides one third of the fertilizer for our winter wheat crops.

  • Air

    We are 100% carbon neutral in the production of Elyx. In addition, over 50% of our local transport of raw materials is carried out by trucks fueled by biodiesel — we aim to increase this to 80% by the year 2020.

  • Water

    All the fresh water used to produce Elyx from one of Sweden’s largest and purest aquifers. We use no artificial irrigation; no wastewater is untreated; and rainwater runoff is given back to the farmers for local agriculture.


The wonderful world of Elyx

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was the world of Elyx.
Come to think of it, the Romans didn’t even have Elyx. Poor Romans.


The Elyx Experience

No matter where we go, there we are.


The Elyx Experience

Elyx Distillery

Tucked away at the top of our distillery in Ahüs, we discovered an unused room filled with relics of our past. When we cleared it out, we were quite happy with what we found.

Elyx Hunting Lodge

For years this was the dedicated hunting lodge for the Råbelöf Estate. While we no longer hunt wild boar, we do serve up some of the most delicious bacon sourced from pigs that live on the estate — and they’re fed from the waste stillage from our distillation process. Naturally.

The Blacksmith

What better space to show off our love for true handcraft and raw surfaces than on old Blacksmith workshop? We kept many of the old features and all of its charm to transform the space into something a wee bit more hospitable.

Trailer in the Woods

Rumor has it, that if you were to wander into the woods surrounding Ahüs you might happen upon a big surprise.


The Elyx Experience

Elyx House NYC

Located in the heart of Manhattan’s Meatpacking district, and once called home by one of Hollywood’s greats, our east coast brand home is the essence of the Elyx brand — stylish, welcoming and a little playful.


The Elyx Experience

Casa Elyx at Art Basel

We created an exclusive rooftop retreat atop the new Miami Beach Edition hotel to provide a serene escape from the frenzy of Art Basel.
The 2,000 sq.-ft. oasis featured a plunge pool with panoramic views of the ocean, a retreat below with a library punch room,
and a hidden speakeasy.

Garden of Elyx at NY Fashion Week

We transformed a secluded Nolita garden into an Elyx cocktail oasis to host’s new website launch party. Partygoers were ushered through a 24-foot long copper tunnel and seated for a series of exceptional dishes prepared by Phil Winser’s The Fat Radish, paired with Elyx on the Rock.

Elyx House: Tales of the Cocktail

For one week in July, we converted New Orleans’ historic Bevolo Gas Lamp workshop into a hidden den of copper, craft and unexpected experiences for the annual Tales of the Cocktail festival.

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Time to raise a glass

Surely, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.
Find your perfect Elyx cocktail to shake, stir, or simply pour and enjoy. Skål!


Meet our team

Absolut Elyx is crafted with love. Meet the small but passionate team behind it.