Sustainable Practices | Absolut Elyx

Sustainable Practices

Always doing the right thing, even when nobody is watching

Reducing our impact on the planet everywhere we can

In recent years, sustainability, traceability and environmental impact have become some of the most important factors for us all when making lifestyle choices. Whilst this is a new trend for many, it is how we have always operated and has shaped each and every aspect of the brand’s development.

Even by the time our Master Distiller Krister Asplund first started producing Absolut vodka back in 1982, environmental considerations were a natural part of every business decision. In the 1990s, we went further by articulating the beliefs and principles we had lived by for years in a formal environmental strategy that we‘re still working on to this day and which has four main goals.

Elyx wants to reduce energy consumption, the environmental impact of our wheat farming, emissions from transportation and our water consumption.


Those are our big environmental objectives, but needless to say we also do all the little things like sorting our waste, separating the food scraps in our staff canteen for use as biogas, and recycling everything we possibly can in our drive for 0% landfill.

We harness our by products and recycle them into resources
  • The largest by product is the stillage left over from the mash, which is protein rich and goes to feed the local cows and pigs.
  • CO2 is the other major by product of our production. We harness the carbon dioxide released during fermentation and supply to soft drink companies.
We are carbon neutral in our production
  • Nothing goes to waste and Every by product has a use.
  • For example, we recycle energy generated during distillation in the form of steam and recompress it for reuse, resulting in energy savings.
  • We also buy our electricity from sustainable sources – mix of hydro and wind generated green electricity which is comes at a cost but well worth the premium.
A shared responsibility
  • Collaboration is key in achieving our goals in sustainability.
  • We encourage our partners to reduce their footprint as well – for example 40% of every bottle of Elyx is made using recycled glass.
  • Our cardboard and plastic packaging is also recycled.

Sweden’s connection with the environment is a way of life

The reason we care for the environment more than most is partly in our genes. From the moment we can walk and talk, Swedes are taught to love and respect our natural surroundings. At kindergarten, for example, we play recycling games and go on field trips to help us appreciate the flora and fauna.

Our connection with the environment goes much deeper than mere appreciation though. We have a word for it: Allemansrätten, which means every man’s right.

Swedes believe that it is every person’s right to experience our country’s natural wonders. At the same time, it is every person’s responsibility to protect and preserve them for generations to come. This is why no enterprise ever goes ahead in Sweden without due consideration of its environmental impact.

Just as they are woven into the psyche of our nation, so environmental considerations are integrated into every aspect of Elyx’s business. For us, environmental issues aren’t a one-off project; they’re a way of life. So it’s only natural they should shape every stage of production, from the sowing of the seed to bottling and worldwide distribution.