Water Conservation | Absolut Elyx

Water Conservation

Elyx values and care about water to reduce our footprint


From mashing and fermentation to dilution of the fine spirit, water plays an integral role in every stage of our production, giving us one more reason to take care of and value it.

Today, we have a plentiful supply of some of the purest, most pristine water in the world, drawn from the aquifer deep beneath our feet. We want to keep it that way, which is why we made water conservation one of our sustainability goals.

Supplying our stillage wet is just the start. We also reuse much of the process water that isn’t absorbed in stillage for cleaning our fermenters. Even the rainwater runoff from our distillery is collected in a reservoir, which local farmers use to irrigate their crops instead of groundwater.

Crucially, none of our process water is returned to the environment untreated. Keeping our crystal clear rivers and lakes free from pollutants is incredibly important not just to us but also to the surrounding seas and the world’s oceans into which they flow.

Back in our little part of southern Sweden, meanwhile, we’ve managed to reduce our water footprint significantly. And we’re trying to do even better. Our aim is to cut water usage by a further 10% by 2020.