Made from Single Estate Winter Wheat | Absolut Elyx Vodka

Every drop of Absolut Elyx is made from winter wheat grown on one single estate in southern Sweden.

The region has the ideal climate for producing winter wheat, with its dry, cold winters and long, warm summers contributing to yields that are typically twice the global average.

Single Estate Wheat sourcing

Absolut vodka carefully sources its crops from around 450 of these fertile estates, while Elyx is crafted exclusively from winter wheat grown at just one. Blessed with the perfect terroir, the single estate of Råbelöf has exactly the right combination of soil type, micro-climate, topography and tradition to make its winter wheat high in starch and medium in protein. These are precisely the qualities needed to produce the best vodka.

A process perfected for centuries

Little has changed since Råbelöf first started cultivating its wheat in the 1400s. Sown in September, the wheat kernels quickly start to germinate but then the whole process slows down with the approach of autumn and the cold winter temperatures. When spring arrives, the wheat bursts back into life. Together, this six-month head start and the long, warm summer days mean that the wheat grows at an accelerated pace, creating the high starch content we value so much.