Copper Crafted Vodka | Absolut Elyx

Copper Crafted

Discover why Copper is a central element to produce our vodka

Copper plays the lead role in the production of Absolut Elyx

Elyx is made entirely by hand in a vintage copper column still from 1921. Thousands of copper packets are used sacrificially, removing unwanted compounds and contributing to a rich and flavorful final product.

The skill and experience of manual distillation produces a luxury vodka with unparalleled character and flavor.

  • For the perfect raw spirit for Elyx we achieve maximum contact with copper by using sacrificial copper – this process is called copper catalyzation.
  • The raw spirit is further rectified using a vintage copper still from 1921 which is hand operated to make our unique fine spirit.
  • The use of the hand operated copper still involves traditional skills and techniques known only by a select few.

It is our unique way in which we use copper that gives Elyx its celebrated rich silky mouthfeel and exceptionally smooth finish.