How is Absolut Elyx distilled? | Absolut Elyx

How is Absolut Elyx distilled?

We use the copper distillation method, which is a natural way of removing any impurities. It also helps to define the exceptionally refined character found in Absolut Elyx. During the production of raw spirit, copper packets are manually added to each batch, and then exchanged at regular intervals.

Through copper catalyzation – a kinetic process – the copper packets react with and remove any sulfur remnants, which results in an absolutely pure spirit. Each batch of Elyx is then distilled in our 1921 copper column still with columns, pumps, and hand-forged pipes made of copper. This vintage still plays an integral part in the making of Elyx, as it makes full use of the exceptional and naturally purifying qualities of the copper. Our refined copper distillation is what gives Elyx its distinctive character and unique, silky texture.