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Absolut Elyx Boutique: purchase branded lifestyle items

Absolut Elyx is proud to introduce the first ever online shop dedicated to branded lifestyle items.

A global phenomenon

Launched on November 10, the Elyx Boutique will feature limited edition pieces including the brand’s coveted pineapple gift set, copper barware and copper cups. The brand also launched its new “Felix the Gnome” cocktail cup – which will also be available to buy in a gift pack with a bottle of Elyx in leading liquor stores across the USA. Other fun holiday inspired items such as copper cookie cutters, copper gnome cufflinks and copper decorations will be available whilst stocks last throughout the festive season. All items come packed in exquisite gift boxes and are primarily designed as gifts.

“Owning one of our copper pineapples has become something of a global phenomenon- it’s a beautiful element to add to your home and copper is the foundation of the brand’s identity due to the unique role it plays in the production of our vodka itself. The Elyx pineapple’s international success played a role in launching our limited edition, Felix the Gnome for the holidays. In Sweden, the gnome, or tomte is used as a good luck charm to protect farms and crops” said Miranda Dickson, Director of Marketing for Elyx.

From a liquor brand to a lifestyle brand

The Elyx Boutique launch will reinforce the brand’s expansion from a liquor brand to a lifestyle brand. “Since launching Elyx in the U.S. people have become enamored with our copper drinking vessels and we have been fielding hundreds of requests from people wanting to get their hands on them!. As a result we wanted to create the Boutique to make our copper ware accessible for everyone, and give us a creative outlet to share more eclectic lifestyle items” said Dickson. “Our expansion from copper barware into lifestyle is further celebrated by our collaboration with Julia Clancey, an LA based fashion designer, who has designed a series of limited edition copper turbans, as seen in the brand’s recent advertising campaign which will also go on sale from November 1st.”


Visit the store: www.elyxboutique.com