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Sweden is the home of Absolut Elyx

We produce our vodka using our Single Estate Winter Wheat and distill it in Åhus, all this within a 15 miles radius.

In order to bring the Elyx universe to life, we created the Elyx Experience. During 3 days, our exclusive guests can discover the brand and all the efforts we put in its production.

They will meet with our Master Distiller, Krister Asplund, to benefit from a lifetime spent producing the highest quality vodka. Then they will have breakfast with our Farmer, Erik Baeksted, who produces our exclusive winter wheat at the Råbelöf Castle estate.

By touring the distillery, our guests can understand the full effect of using Copper in the distillation process. They are also practicing their senses during a vodka blind tasting using neat vodka and also in Martinis.

Because Elyx is all about the art of hospitality, we entirely decorated our own hunting lodge and an old blacksmith to host breakfasts, lunches and dinners so our guests can enjoy a full experience with not only drinks, but also food and copper craftsmanship with personalized copper items for them to remember this unique trip.