Crazy Little Thing Called Love | Absolut Elyx

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Elevate your Valentine's Day with this perfectly balanced cocktail

Crazy Little Thing Called Love- Absolut Elyx Cocktail


3 parts Absolut Elyx

1 part Aperol

1 part Honey

1 part Lime Juice

1 part Egg white

2 Strawberries

2 drops Lavender Bitters

Vessel: Copper Coupe

Garnish: Edible flowers and a freeze dried strawberry

Preparation Level: Simple

How to Mix

Muddle strawberries in a shaker, add all ingredients, shake without ice briefly, add ice and shake again. Strain into a copper coupe, garnish with edible flowers and a freeze dried strawberry.

Elevate your Valentine’s Day moment with our exclusive recipe. A perfect balance of sweet and sour served in our signature copper coupe drinking vessel to impress your loved one.